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Farewell, Rustitobuck!

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Sage of Freedom

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Farewell, Rustitobuck!

as all of the members know, our beloved rustitobuck has joined the wroshyr expeditionary forces and will be shipping off to our outpost at the edge of the known galaxy. please join us to celebrate the wook that is our dear friend one last time before he leaves!

((ok, so basically this is a good time to get together, so i thought i'd put it out there that rusti's account expires on the 24th, and we should have a clan get together before then. it'd just be the usual: hanging out, maybe a little hunting, maybe some rp in mos eisley, or maybe some space.

depending on when rusti and the rest of us are available, i was thinking either the 18th or 19th, so just respond here which day works better and when we have a consensus we'll nail the date down.))

Now point on this doll and show me where the wookiee touched you.

Post Tue Feb 07, 2006 10:28 pm
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Aw geez....

I'll pee on the dais. I won't wear my robe. I'll shed. I'll get down on my knees and blow Bewchy's....mind. I'll get Otobeccar to make me three feet tall, fat like a beachball and purple and white. I'll wear ceremonial leggings and bracers and no pants.

Geez, fellas!

You know if we get together and DO something I might be tempted to push the 'one more month' button.

And if you forget about Grapirr, he's gonna get all emo and put drugs in all the drinks he makes for you guys.

Actually, I don't have any open weekend days between now and then, so why not just have one of "those" campouts and send me the pics.
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Post Wed Feb 08, 2006 12:28 am
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